One Creative Community...

Center of Wonder

cultivating ideas through 
strategic partnerships

The Center of Wonder supports project based collaboration.  We cultivate ideas and fund them through strategic partnerships with community non-profits.  We welcome you to learn more about our programs, events, grant opportunities and discover the wonder around you.


Through our Community Conversations programs, the Center of Wonder strives to bring keynote speakers to the valley who have inspirational and educational stories. In addition, we also provide leadership speakers and training programs to help generate leaders of tomorrow in the arts, nature and science.

Each of us possess the ability to be creative and to weave that creativity into every element of our lives.  Center of Wonder encourages creativity across a wide spectrum and provide programs, grants and opportunities for everyone to expand and share their ideas and visions.  


The Center of Wonder's Collaborating for a Creative Community (C3) grant program was designed to encourage organizations to collaborate and develop broader, more vibrant and effective programs that enhance the arts and education in our community. Learn if your idea qualifies for one of our grant opportunities.